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Milk Bar Gang

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Milk Bar Gang formed in 2021 during the infamous Melbourne Covid Lockdowns.  Confined to their living room Felix Chapple (Keyboards, Guitars, DAW) and Bianca Cao (Vocals, Art, Dance) began writing, rehearsing and recording songs for a new music project. 

Felix has played keyboards, organ and piano with many different Melbourne bands and musicians. Performing with the likes of Shamus Goble, Ted Cleaver, Duncan Foster, Meloncholiflowers, Frente, The Beach Chromers and numerous other live acts.


Bianca from Beijing  is new to the Melbourne music scene, with a background  in Dance performance and  visual art. 


In June 2022 Milk Bar Gang released their debut 4 track EP "Open".  The songs on the EP are a mixed representation of musical styles. The themes of Open touch on alienation in a consumer society. Recorded, mixed and mastered on garage band Milk Bar Gang seek to intrigue with the layering of textures and sounds.


Milk Bar Gang have also self produced 4 accompanying  videos to go with the tracks on their debut EP Open. The videos showcase the bands visual style and wry take on life. 

Milk Bar Gang's next project is a new single and video to be released later in the year.

Milk Bar Gang bring all these creative elements into their art both aurally and visually.

 There is no pigeon hole for Milk Bar Gang’s eclectic stylings, influences range from Sparks and Bowie to early eighties new wave to anything and everything . Just like in a Milk Bar!


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